Voll verwackelt

Shaky Rock – It’s very lively in the jungle!

Tim Lion and his friends have found the most tasty coconuts. But there’s a problem: They are still hanging from a palm growing on a wobbly rock. Skillfully the animals keep their balance on that wobbly rock, collecting the juicy coconuts.

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“Watch out, up there! It’s quite wobbly!” Carla Crocodile calls out to her friends from a safe distance. “That’s lots of fun! Come up here and join us!” Zig Zebra answers quite cool. But Carla thinks it’s too risky. Maybe she can grab a few coconuts falling down from the rock …

  • „Voll Verwackelt“ is a highly exciting and shaky game with several variations for long-lasting fun!

Game information

Wolfgang Dirscherl
Manfred Reindl


2 – 4

6 +

25 Minuten

deutsch english français

deutsch english français



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