Cøpenhagen – Roll & Write

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Our great family game for dice

Copenhagen, the danish city, is famously traversed by canals and harbours. On one of these harbors lies “Nyhavn” (New Harbor) with its colorful gabled houses. Players are tasked to finish the facades of new buildings on the waterfront. On a turn, one player will roll dice and use one of the colors rolled to draw building pieces, scoring points whenever they complete a row or column. Other players may use the unused dice to unlock special abilities they can use on future turns. The player who reaches 12 points first triggers the last round and the winner will be the player who has the most points at the end of that last round.

Game Information

base game

Daniel Skjold Pedersen & Asger Harding Granerud

Markus Erdt

2 – 4


30 Minuten

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