Kobold – The Kobolds are running wild!

They pilfer his favorite toys, and even his beloved gem collection!

Though only simple fake gems, they sparkle so wonderfully!
The players send their kobolds to collect toys and gems – gaining points for them during and at the end of the game. But Maurice is hot on the trail of the little rascals with his flashlight: If a kobold is caught by its light beam (which is part of the clever 3D-setup) it takes to its heels as fast as it can.
Whoever most skillfully avoids the light beam and collects the greatest number of points will be the winner of this mischievous game!

sequence of play

Gamematerial and setup

Game informations

Marco Ruskowski & Marcel Süßelbeck


2 – 4

6 +

20 minutes

deutsch english français

Deutsch English Francais


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