Immortals – in the eternal struggle between light and shadow

Fight in epic battles in two immortal worlds.

Battle with your immortal armies in the eternal struggle between light and shadow. Write a new chapter in Immortals’ history of the eternal cycle between two immortal worlds. Your armies – defeated in one world – are reawakened in the other world. Conquer countries in both worlds. Capture residents, gold and energy, use them effectively and erect buildings in your countries. Control them and get valuable victory points, as well as for countries or even whole regions at the end of each battle. Lead your armies to a glorious victory.

sequence of play


Gamematerial and setup

  • 1 Game board
  • 25 Region cards
  • 60 Conflict cards
  • 20 Blank cards
  • 20 Magic cards
  • 10 Round tracker cards
  • 10 Tribe tokens
  • 10 Tribe boards
  • 225 Wodden cubes
  • 20 Green cubes
  • 5 Victory points tokens and +60 Marker
  • 50 Building tiles
  • 65 Gold coins
  • 65 Energy tokens
  • 26 Portals
  • 1 Dice tower
  • 1 First player marker

Game informations

Mike Elliott, Dirk Henn

Claus Stephan, Martin Hoffmann, Anna Kersten

3 – 5

12 +

45 minutes

deutsch english français

deutsch englishfrançais


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