Captain Silver – a tactile piratetastic challenge

A fast tactile game about a turbulent treasure hunt!

Pirates ahoy! Captain Silver has a piratetastic challenge for you: Feel and grab the right pirate object out of your pirate bag. If you grab the correct object many treasures await. Get gold coins and sail with your pirate ship to treasure island.
But only the quickest and most skillful pirate will win Captain Silver’s treasure challenge!

sequence of play

  • All players feel simultaneously inside their pouch for wanted items,
    trying to find them as fast as possible.
  • Only one item may be placed on each space.
  • When placing any item, no empty spaces may be skipped.
  • Once drawn from the pouch, an item may not be put back into it. If a player has drawn
    a mismatching item, the player must deposit it on the volcano island (this also applies if
    another player was faster placing a correct item).
  • All players may feel inside their pouch with one hand only.
  • Of course, nobody is allowed to have a look inside their pouch during the game!


Gamematerial and setup

Game informations

Wolfgang Dirscherl & Manfred Reindl


2 – 4

6 +

20 minutes

deutsch english

Deutsch English français


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